Put your business on the Blockchain.

It is our mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards Decentralization. We optimize your business processes by building scalable and secure blockchain solutions for you.

ICO Machine


tokenizing an asset

Tokenizing an Asset

Raise funds & increase the liquidity of your assets such as real estate, art, investment funds, etc
ICO minter

Initial Coin Offering

From registering your company,smart contract development to ICO marketing, we provide an end to end ICO solution for your next crypto-currency venture.
STO legal

Security Token Offering

Tokenize and distribute your financial instruments such as debt, equity, derivatives, etc for short term liquidity in a end to end STO solution.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Reliable consulting services from our experts to help your DAO project get off the ground with democracy, finance and salaries built in.
smart contract scripting

Smart Contract Scripting

Development & Implementation of customized Smart Contracts to suit your needs.
Exchange listing

Exchange Listing

Get your digital asset listed on an exchange to increase access & provide more liquidity.
Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

Make sure you are using the correct technology to achieve your solution. Do you need a private or public blockchain? Do you need a blockchain technology at all?
Dapp Development

Dapp Development

We also provide consulting & development of DApps to help you build products that are customized for the best Internet 2.0 experience.
ICO Marketing

ICO Marketing

We implement tradition marketing strategies along with cryptocurrency specific strategies such as bounties, airdrops, community building, social media, paid promotions and viral marketing.

About Us

Tejas Chitnis & Tanmay Bhalerao are the founders of Cryption Digital Services. We believe in the promise of Decentralization as a natural evolution of the digital world we live in today.

With prior experience of working together for over 2 years and building products like EtherRush.in, SwitchMyCrypto.com and PoolToTheMoon.com.

Along the way, we have achieved a few small wins like building one of the very first buy and sell portals for ether in India.  We have now set out to launch Cryption Studios in order to analyze the feasibility of your idea and turn it into reality. We intend to bring immense value to your business by developing the most optimal solution and helping you step into the world of decentralization.


Agility cannot be optional since it is an opportunity to obtain a strategic advantage in the market. We believe in the ability to react to change and deliver value faster than the competition. Our approach uses the best ideas of Agile delivery to make your product as well as your company more efficient, quality conscious and sustainable.


We follow the lean model and so we have trimmed down unnecessary costs. This allows us to price our services aggressively low.

Technical Expertise

The importance of keeping up with cutting edge technology is crucial especially in a new emerging domain like blockchain. We keep ourselves informed on the latest updates and relevant news.

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